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April 2021 is a landmark in the history of Hire & Trust, representing the 20th anniversary in Portugal. It is 20 years of winning the market's trust, with many successes and many lessons learned during this time of growth.


The history of Hire & Trust over these years is carried out by countless actors, namely Clients, Candidates, Employees, Suppliers, Partners, all those who crossed their path. All of them playing the main roles.

Here are some testimonials of the actors who participated in this film that is still playing after 20 years!

To all of them: THANK YOU!





One of our Values ​​and a fundamental pillar of our performance and posture in the market since our existence and during these 20 years, has always been Trust.

Trust that our Clients place in us, and the Trust that we have in our work. To create. develop and maintain trusting relationships.

We took this issue so seriously from the beginning that we considered that this Value, which we deeply believe in, had to be reflected in our Name, and that was how Hire & TRUST was born.

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