Margarida Condado

Marketing Director - L'Oréal Paris Western Europe

My experience with Hire & Trust was very positive and the facts speak for themselves: I made a change over 16 years ago and I'm still here at L'Oréal! With Hire & Trust it was not just a change. First, it was a professional, transparent, honest process and where I felt that both the candidate and the company were on an equal level in terms of importance. Then, the change alone was significant because it was previously in a company that I liked a lot, with success and projected growth. We know that we don't always change when we're well! Finally, my relationship with Hire & Trust went beyond the process and the change, because they were always there throughout my first year and that was key to the story that followed!

Nuno Tavares

CEO - Brandcare

Over the 20 years of Hire & Trust I have had the pleasure of working both as a candidate and as a client. I highlight the genuine interest of Hire & Trust in finding the right candidate for the challenge, assuming a perspective of mutual interest between the parties. I wish you “only” another 20 years of dedication to the development of HR in Portugal.

Rudolf Gruner

General Manager - Observador

Hire & Trust stands out for its ability to find professionals with the right profile for the most complicated functions. The business world is evolving at high speed and companies are looking for people with profiles that did not exist in the “traditional” market, Hire & Trust knows how to find them.

Bernardo Bastos Lopes

Head of Corporate PT - Vortal

Vortal has worked with Hire & Trust in various Executive Search processes for Top and Middle Management functions. The experience has been frankly positive due to the team's competence and the way it approaches projects.

Miguel Mendes

Product, Client and Transformation Director - Banco Santander Consumer

About Hire & Trust, I keep the best of both worlds. On the one hand, the opening of doors to new multi-border opportunities, on the other hand the personalized accompaniment always at the right time, providing comfort, contextualizing and helping. In three words, quality, personalization and Professionalism.

Continue and well done!

Francisco Neto

CEO - Ach. Brito / ClausPorto

Of all the recruitment projects developed with Hire & Trust, I highlight the ability to understand the specificity of the profiles, a very relevant topic in a medium-sized company in which versatility and flexibility have to be combined with specific technical competence intended for each function. In addition, I would emphasize the professionalism, flexibility, perseverance and compliance with established plans, in the search for the best solution for candidates and clients, taking into account the restrictions, motivations and contexts of both.

Bruno Martiniano

Business Unit Manager for Confectionary & Food - Nestlé

In 2015 I was in a process with Hire & Trust, when I ended up joining Nestlé, where I am still today. It was a very well managed process, very professional, always with great sympathy, with great interactions, both with Alexandre, and with the entire Hire & Trust team. I would like to take the opportunity to wish Hire & Trust a great birthday for its 20 years and wish the next 20 years to be at least as good as these, and that they continue to work very well in the Recruitment area in Portugal as they have been doing until now. Congratulations!

Duarte Dias

Managing Director - Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health - Italy

Hire & Trust had a fundamental role in my career. Starting Fourteen years ago, by supporting me, in a key moment to pivot and transform my professional path, when I decided to move to the Consumer Health business. Since then, special thanks to Alexandre, we have maintained a great partnership, based on key values of trust, ethics that we both share. The Hire & Trust team is really well prepared to help both professionals and companies designing clear talent development journeys for the future.





Isabel Ferreira

Human Resources Director - Grupo Medinfar

Hire & Trust is a reliable partner! They never give up to satisfy their customers in search of the requirements that we have identified. It is not possible to talk about the Company without mentioning who represents it, namely Alexandre Moreno, with whom I most work, and who, in addition to being a serious, competent and careful professional in the processes, is a partner who always wants to overcome himself by adapting the search process to reality of each client and person. Congratulations and wellcome another 20 !!

Alexandre Relvas

Board Member and shareholder of Logoplaste and President of Casa Relvas

It has been a privilege to be able to benefit from the support from Hire & Trust, in particular from Nuno Fraga, to hire staff at Logoplaste and Casa Relvas. Professionalism and a sense of commitment are two of the fundamental characteristics of a partnership that we have maintained for many years with excellent results. Hire & Trust is also distinguished by its strategic and long-term vision in the services it provides and by the ethical sense that is the result, in particular, of Nuno Fraga's extraordinary human dimension.

Paula Monteiro

H&S Corporate Coordinator - The Navigator Company

I met Hire & Trust about six years ago and it changed my life! It opened the door for me to a new and challenging professional opportunity, in a national reference group! But more than this opportunity, I felt from the first moment that I was not facing a simple recruitment, in which many times it all about CV conditions and matches. I realized that, on the other side, there was someone who cared to go further, to ensure that I would be happy ...

Mafalda Contreiras

Communications & PR Manager - H&M Portugal

I highlight the professionalism, friendliness and assertiveness since the first contact I had with Hire & Trust. They were the determining factor for my change that I still remember with great affection and satisfaction. Having been in both roles, I can say that they are a fantastic team not only for their candidates, but for their customers. Congratulations on the 20th anniversary!

Filipe Gomes

Plant Manager - Mahle

Hire & Trust has been a reliable partner. We worked together on several projects and the success achieved in each of them speaks for itself. The Hire & Trust team, shows high professionalism and commitment, with a lot of attention to the needs that, in each moment, we transmit to them. The monitoring of the processes, not being exhausted at the effective moment of the achievement of a certain objective, is an added value. The work done in conjunction with Hire & Trust has been gratifying, and I would also like to extend my sincere congratulations on these 20 years.

Ricardo Cardoso

Human Resources - Grupo Abreu

Grupo Abreu's partnership with Hire & Trust is based on pillars such as trust, confidentiality and dedication and has allowed us to identify the right people for the most strategic positions. That is why we challenge and will continue to challenge Hire & Trust to collaborate with us and to be a preferred partner in the Management of our Human Resources.

Bruno Baldeante da Costa

Chief Commercial Officer - Lactogal

Throughout my professional career, I have always identified, together with many of the professionals that I have met in the FMCG market over the years, Hire & Trust as a reference head hunter in the Portuguese market. I had the opportunity to experience this competence, in the first person, in the process that led me to my current professional project. I highlight the national and international research component that allowed me to identify myself as a candidate, demonstrating an excellent knowledge and follow-up of my career in Portugal and abroad, as well as my monitoring at each stage of the process in a professional and ethical manner, with the ability to clarification and resolution of doubts. In an increasingly global market in which companies increasingly value diverse talent, I consider Hire & Trust to be a reliable partner for those who are responsible for attracting that talent and consider it in its strategic development axes as a differential variable of successful construction in the future.

Pedro Coelho Cabral

CTO / VP Engineering - Vortal

It was in mid-2018 that I was approached by Nuno Fraga with an opportunity that seemed very motivating and challenging to me. Two interactions later I bet on a strong change, accepting the invitation that was addressed to me and presented in a simple, clear and professional way. Thank you Nuno!